TRAVEL NEWS — American Airlines announced this week it’s offering a new passport scanning option for its mobile app users. In what airline officials are calling an industry first, American Airlines passengers will be able to use their mobile app to both check-in for international flights and submit passport information. This new process is designed to make the check-in process easier and faster.

How it works

According to a press release issued Wednesday, the new upgrade allows customers to enter their information and then use the app to scan their passport. Once all steps are completed, passport information is transmitted “directly from the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip embedded in the passport. This allows customers to head directly to the gate for international flights without having their passports rechecked by a customer service agent.”

Before this new option, passengers who checked-in with the app were still required to wait in an additional line to have their passports rechecked by an airline customer service agent. Now passengers can head to security and then onward to their departure gate.

“We are continuously adding features to our app to make travel easier and worry-free for our customers,” said Maya Leibman, American’s Chief Information Officer. “Mobile passport scanning removes a time-consuming step, providing our customers with a smoother check-in experience for international flights.”

New app passport scan process

images courtesy of American Airlines
images courtesy of American Airlines
images courtesy of American Airlines

This latest addition is part of a series of new customer service features American Airlines has implemented over the last year. 

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