TRAVEL NEWS – American Airlines has started using facial recognition software to board international passengers on select flights out of Dallas Fort Worth (DFW). Instead of scanning boarding passes, the new one-step facial recognition program will scan and verify a passenger’s identity with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) database at the gate. 

“Facial recognition makes the process for verifying the identity of travelers more efficient, accurate and secure,” said Judson W. Murdock II, CBP Director of the Houston Field Office. “This technology also enhances the boarding process for international flights, which is a win-win for airlines and travelers.”

American Airlines Press Release

For those with privacy concerns, there is an opt-out option. Passengers may notify the gate agent and then use their regular boarding pass to board.

American Airlines also launched a facial recognition trial at LAX airport earlier this year. If the program at DFW goes well, it will continue to expand the program to other airports.

Of note: all international passengers are required to carry a passport and gate agents will continue to verify passengers have them.