Corporate policies are a great cost-saving and duty-of-care tool. However, for a lot of companies compliance is an ongoing challenge. When employees go outside the company’s approved booking service, it can create a logistical, safety and budgetary headache, especially for the company travel manager.

Using over thirty years of experience, we’ve compiled a list of some of our best strategies for tackling the dreaded compliance issue.

Make it Easy

We are a mobile society. Having the right mobile apps, with a great user interface, is key to success. When you make it easy to book and expense travel, your compliance numbers will increase.

Have Clear Communication

Education and training are critical.

Every employee should be educated about the travel policy.

Tip: Make sure you communicate clearly to the reasoning behind the policy and why it’s important (i.e., safety, budget, etc.).

Include training on how to use company-approved travel and expense reporting software and mobile apps.

Tip: Company emails, workshops or online tutorials can play a critical role in increasing awareness and ensuring compliance.

Create a standard travel policy education program for new employees and ongoing education for established employees.

Create an Incentive Program

Rewards are a great way to incentivize employees for compliance.

Tip: Add variety. Here are a few ideas:

Gift cards

Time off

Cost-saving bonuses

Getting employee buy-in can help when travel plans might not be ideal. For example, that cheaper flight with the longer layover might be more palatable if the traveler is getting a portion of the savings.

Make Noncompliance a Hassle

If you don’t want to use the “non-compliance = non-reimbursement” make the process difficult.

Tip: Create laborious non-compliance procedures: long tedious forms, approval red tape and extended wait-times for reimbursement. Make the DMV look efficient.  

Business travelers like easy and worry-free. They will not want to deal with the hassle non-compliance creates.

Hire the Right Travel Management Company

The right company can make a huge difference. Find a company that will work with you to customize a travel policy that reflects your goals, company culture, and budget. They can help guide you in making decisions and provide invaluable tools to make your job easier.

These are just a few of our favorite strategies. If you would like to talk to us about what CTI can do for you, contact us and we will be happy to help you.