TRAVEL NEWS — Two Purdue Polytechnic Institute grads have come up with an ingenious solution to the hassle and expense of hotel dry cleaning services. Presso is a hallway dry cleaning kiosk designed to clean your clothes in three to seven minutes. It uses a combination of steam, non-toxic cleaning liquid and air-drying.

Co-founders Nishant Jain and Thibault Corens designed Presso as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning.

“Our technology uses 100 times less water and three times less electricity per garment than laundry,” Corens said.

Purdue University Research Foundation News.

For business travelers, it means a quick and budget-friendly way to keep clothes ready for the next meeting or event. Simply swipe a card, press a few buttons and wait the average five minutes it takes to complete. While it’s not designed to get out all stains, it is ready to tackle the most common laundry issues like removing dirt, sweat, smells, bacteria, and wrinkles.

Jain likens the steam cleaning kiosk to the microwave:

“People have both microwaves and ovens, but microwaves are the ones you go to more often because they are quick,” Jain said. “Although microwaves don’t do everything, you can certainly use them as an alternative to the oven in a lot of different situations.”

Purdue University Research Foundation News.

The kiosks are currently being tested at sixteen Holiday Inns in the Midwest with plans to expand and bring on more investors this fall.

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