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Marine & Offshore Travel Services

Premium Travel Services for Maritime Workers

Global maritime companies can rely on CTI Business Travel to deliver great prices on marine travel services, with accuracy and speed. Getting your maritime travelers to the right vessels, on time, is a difficult and always changing job. Working with the travel needs of the marine service industry can be difficult, and having the knowledge and ability to meet these travel challenges makes us among the best for marine & offshore travel services.  We understand the requirements, the challenges, and the last minute changes that can happen in this industry. We have years of experience in dealing with the challenges that this type of business brings; how to efficiently move employees to and from hard to reach rigs & Locations, dealing with the challenges that the crews may have, organizing the logistics and offering a premium service in any situation.

We are an authorized distributor for maritime airfares on over 90 airlines worldwide – This gives you access to millions of fares – including to every airport with scheduled IATA service. We hold these fares, access them electronically from our travel service offices, and keep a constant eye on them. This ensures that we can immediately quote you for the routes you need, as we don’t have to wait for the airline to respond to our request. Many of our fares offer free baggage check to allow flexibility for your maritime workers.

No matter how difficult your maritime travel needs are, we can help simplify the process.