TRAVEL NEWS — This week Southwest Airlines announced changes to its Rapid Rewards® program. The changes are set to roll out this month and continue on into 2020. 

There’s good news and not-so-good news with this announcement.

Let’s take a look:

Good News

Effective immediately Southwest Rapid Rewards® will no longer expire.

In a posted statement Southwest offered the following:

 “We believe the points you earn should be yours forever. That’s why you now have the freedom to keep all of your points without needing to have qualifying activity. No expiration means your points will be available to use whenever you want—even if that’s years from now.”

This will be welcome news for those who find themselves scrambling to use miles before they expire.

Not-So-Good News

Beginning January 2020, the number of points required to earn a Companion Pass is increasing.

2019 requirements: 110,000 points or 100 qualifying one-way flights.

2020 requirements: 125,000 or 100 qualifying one-way flights.

The Companion Pass is still a great perk that offers Rapid Rewards® members, who reach a certain qualifying points level, the ability to bring along a companion for free except for the cost of taxes and fees normally accrued for booked flights.

 Other benefits:

  • The option to change the name of your Companion up to three times in a calendar year.
  • The chance to use your Companion Pass for the remainder of the year you earned it, plus the entire following calendar year

What about those members who are currently working on qualifying for 2019?

Southwest offers this assurance:

“If you are currently working toward a Companion Pass through points, you can still earn it with 110,000 qualifying points through December 31, 2019. Your Companion Pass benefits will begin the day you earn it and continue through December 31, 2020.”

Click here for more detailed information.

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