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Travel Services

Cost Savings

CTI Business Travel takes a hands on approach in helping company’s develop and enforce travel policies as well as negotiating on your behalf to realize significant travel savings.

  • Airline Tickets
  • Car Rentals
  • Hotel Rates

Our Technology

CTI Business Travel leads the industry through our innovative products and processes. Whether you prefer a VIP dedicated agent, mobile phone application, or online tool you can rest assure that all methods are backed by our “Service a Step Above Process” as well as the worlds largest reservation system.

  • Ibank Reports
  • Concur Booking Tool
  • Online Profile Creation
  • Travel Seekers Mobile App

Professional Agents

CTI Business Travel, Inc. has the most highly trained agents in the travel industry today. Our
average agent has a minimum of 15 years experience in the industry, a degree in travel and
tourism, and most have their CTC certification. Our agents are highly qualified due to their
experience, training and ongoing education in the travel industry. These qualifications ensure
the lowest fares, best routing and highest customer satisfaction. CTI Business Travel’s success is
greatly due to our exemplary employees.

Domestic and International Travel

Whether your are planning a simple domestic itinerary or a complicated international itinerary, CTI Business Travel has you covered globally. We provide international travelers with air, hotel, car, information on health requirements, climate conditions, currency rates, visa and passport information, and security for safe travel. We guarantee that no matter where your travel takes you across the world, you will always have Service a Step Above.

Marine & Offshore Travel Services

Additional Services

Second Mile Services

Our Second Mile Services are dedicated to lowering your average ticket price and providing your travelers with personal attention and extra service. CTI Business Travel’s commitment to superior service is reflected in the following Second Mile Services:

  • After-hours Emergency 800 Telephone Number
  • Employee Personal Travel Discounts
  • Full-time Account Manager and Dedicated Agent or Team
  • Training for Corporate Travel Coordinators or Secretaries
  • Complete record of unused tickets with the capability to apply them on next available reservation (we can offer name changes on unused credits with major carriers)